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Mission & Vision

Mission statement
Construe the expectations and wishes of the client, in order to provoke a unique and unforgettable travel experience in Patagonia.

Vision statement
Patagonia Backroads wants to be market leader in South Patagonia for motorbike and 4x4 drive tours. We will achieve this goal with our very professional and flawless service. Clients will receive a product of highest quality not only in terms of material but also as an overall experience thus including expert guides, carefully chosen accommodation and an adequate mixture of time on the road and other activities. Patagonia Backroads receives clients from all Europe, America and Oceania. To assure a healthy growth we will increase our degree of brand awareness in those countries of origin of clients and reinvest in more motorbikes and cars. Employees of Patagonia Backroads are carefully selected and therefore fully represent the company with its values and philosophy.


“Since then, Tierra del Fuego, Patagonia, the extreme limits of Cape Horn, have kept my thoughts busy and carried away my imagination until becoming a second homeland where nothing holds back the soul and the heart.. This South of the South is my home country. Nothing will captivate me in this way again”

Jean Raspail