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Tailor Made Tours
Besides a selection of organized tours, we offer our clients the possibility to design their own tailor made tour. Are you a family or group of friends that would like to create a unique vacation whose memories will last for a lifetime? We will be more than happy to help you fulfill this dream!

Tailor made tours can be organized with our nine BMW GS motorbikes and two Land Rover Defenders. A combination of both is also possible; even if the group is entirely travelling by motorbike it may be advisable to take one of the Land Rovers along as a support vehicle with equipment.

We focus on a personalized and professional service and will make every necessary effort to regard your wishes and satisfy your expectations. Creating a tailor made tour is a process that requires intense communication between customer and organizer, therefore we recommend you to contact us a couple of months in advance. The advantages of a tailor made tour are numerous and absolutely worth the extra investment of time. You can freely choose the length of your journey, decide for the best dates that suit you, and include extra activities like fly fishing, horseback riding and trekking. We also have connections to organize side trips on boats, yachts or aircrafts.


"Perhaps more than any other single object of industrial design, the motorcycle can be considered a metaphor for the 20th century. It was the first form of personal mechanized transport to emerge from the beginning of the industrial age; its subsequent evolution follows the main currents of modernity.The motorcycle is an immortal cultural icon that changes with the times. More than speed, it embodies the abstract themes of rebellion, progress, freedom, sex, and danger."
Text from "the art of the motorcycle" exhibition,
JUNE 26-SEPTEMBER 20, 1998"