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In Patagonia Backroads we only use BMW GS series motorcycles. In the following table you will find the main characteristics of the motorcycles we have:

F650GSI 2009 F800GS 2009 R1200GS 2008


F650GSI 2009

F800GS 2009

R1200GS 2008

Displacement 798 c.c. 798 c.c 1170 c.c.
Power 71HP 85HP 105HP
Seat Height 790-820 mm. 850-880 mm. 820-850 mm.
Dry weight 179 Kg. 185 Kg. 200 Kg.
Max. Speed 185 Km/h 200 Km/h 208Km/h
Fuel Consumption 27,0 Km/l 26,3 Km/l 23,3 Km/l
ABS yes yes yes
Heated Grips yes yes yes
Hand Protectors yes yes yes

We offer these motorcycles because our experience has shown us that they are the most appropriate for the rugged Patagonian geography. The GS is a popular choice with adventure motorcyclists and travellers all over the world. The BMW GS series offers an unparalleled combination of comfort, reliability and performance on both asphalt and gravel roads. By offering these three different models you are able to choose between different seat heights and thus we can find the perfect fit between the user and the machine.




The horizontally opposed two cylinder boxer engine, shaft drive, 105 horse power and all the BMW technology have made this bike an icon of motorcycle adventure. This bike is the travellers choice for long trips due to its additional cargo capacity and great performance on paved roads. Its weight, 230 kgs, restricts its use to experienced riders with the ability to control it, especially on bad gravel roads. We do not recommend this motorcycle to people that have not used a similar bike before.




The F800 GS is the newest member of the GS series. It was launched in 2007, and all the experience of BMW has been applied to this motorcycle which really has everything you would want. Its twin cylinder 800cc engine has an output power of 85 HP. It has an inverted fork front suspension, front dual hydraulic disc brakes, a dry weight of 190kg and a front wheel measuring 21 inches in diameter. The F800GS is unique in its category, and possible the most “off road” of the whole series. Its seat height is of 85cmts, and we recommend that people with some experience and minimum 1,80 mts height use it.



The new F650GS is the perfect motorcycle for beginners and people that are no taller than 1,70 mts. This motorcycles name is misleading as, as it has a 800cc twin cylinder engine with an output power of 71 HP. A combination of its weight, low seat profile and resulting low centre of gravity make this motorcycle very easy to drive, yet capable of reacting quickly and reaching speeds of 170km/h.


"Perhaps more than any other single object of industrial design, the motorcycle can be considered a metaphor for the 20th century. It was the first form of personal mechanized transport to emerge from the beginning of the industrial age; its subsequent evolution follows the main currents of modernity.The motorcycle is an immortal cultural icon that changes with the times. More than speed, it embodies the abstract themes of rebellion, progress, freedom, sex, and danger."
Text from "the art of the motorcycle" exhibition,
JUNE 26-SEPTEMBER 20, 1998"